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At JERSIC Sud : Governor Nguele Nguele Felix says local materials remain best option to nation building

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     South Governor, Nguele Nguele Felix has opined that Cameroon stands a better chance of advancing in nation building if locally fabricated materials are given the pride of place in Cameroon. The South Region’s chief executive made the assertion while chairing activities marking the 2020 edition of the excellence days of scientific research and innovation for the south region organized at the Ebolowa Cercle Municipal from the 25th through the 26th of November 2020.

     Governor Nguele Nguele Felix, while visiting MIPROMALO’s stand, appreciated the variety of locally fabricated products exhibited by the institution. From his declarations, one would say without fear nor favour that the newly developed building materials (standardized cement products of varying types) caught the attention of the seasoned administrator. Though not a newcomer when it comes to local materials, the governor said the production of these materials remain a major life wire for socio-economic development in Cameroon. He then went further and sought to know why the institution has still not been installed in the region, given that it is endowed with enormous natural resources especially in the domain of construction. The governor was given the assurance that MIPROMALO has already acquired a site in the region and production units will be installed in the nearest future.

     Just like the governor, many visitors who stopped at MIPROMALO’S stand could not hide their feelings and they singly or generally manifested their liking for the beautiful products exhibited. While inquiring to know how cost effective the products are, some amongst them even solicited the authorities to focus on developing the local materials sector as this will curb foreign importation of building materials thereby giving home industries the opportunity to flourish.


            Governor Nguele Nguele Félix in the company of some authorities from the region visiting MIPROMALO’s stand

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