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The Local Material Promotion Authority (MIPROMALO) is a Public Institution with a scientific, technical and professional nature. In its development plan, its main objective is to ensure that local building materials are available throughout the country.

As such, MIPROMALO is expected to play a key role in providing scientific knowledge and technological innovations to sustainably enhance local and innovative materials.

Thus, MIPROMALO's intervention strategy for the 2022-2024 three-year period is geared towards achieving better performance by intensifying activities at its Centres and Antennas.

Its internal revenues should therefore be improved by producing and marketing products and services from these production units. 

In line with guidelines laid down in the 2020-2030 National Development Strategy (NDS 30), it will be necessary to pursue the guidelines laid down in the New Urban Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the international level.

At the national level, and in accordance with the NDS 30 as well as the Industrialization Master Plan (IMP), MIPROMALO will ensure that concerns related to competitive ecological construction are effectively taken into account by disseminating local raw materials through standardized products. Finally, this strategy has to address the effects of the decentralisation process, especially the recommendations made during the Major National Dialogue.

MIPROMALO therefore needs to confirm its position as the"Government’s privileged stakeholder in the promotion of local  and innovative materials". In this respect, MIPROMALO's activities are based on the following intervention areas identified in the NDS 30 :

  •  Structural transformation of the economy

In this connection, MIPROMALO shall propose solutions that could lead to the mass production of local and innovative basic and secondary materials. Therefore, the Directorate General intends to implement the following measures:

  • Carry out major structuring projects for the valorisation of local and innovative materials. These include :
    • setting up a pilot plant for the production of fired bricks and tiles in Douala (300 tonnes of products per day) so as to provide quality local materials at lower cost
    • setting up a pilot plant for the valorisation of Cameroonian marbles in order to produce tiles (coatings), road edges, pavers, sanitaryware, etc. ;
    • setting up a flat glass production plant with a capacity of at least 8,000 tonnes of glass per year.
  • Setting up local material production centres and antennas in all regions of Cameroon ;
  • Development of Human Capital and Welfare

In order to support Cameroon's industrialisation process, MIPROMALO is focused on improving the vocational training offer, notably by training young people in various localities, and developing new processes that could be benchmarked and standardised.

In addition, with regard to public investment projects, MIPROMALO intends to further exploit the public order as a means of promoting employment by developing labour-intensive projects (HIMO), including projects receiving external funding..

  • Exploitation and valorisation of local resources

Cameroon has a large number of raw material deposits.

Despite the existence of these resources, locally produced construction materials use a large quantity of imported inputs.  Also, the use of local materials will significantly reduce the trade balance deficit. 

The creation of the above-mentioned Regional Production Centres will further facilitate the development of different materials based on local specificities. For instance:

  • The laterite and clay available in the South, Adamaoua and East Region will facilitate the development of compressed earth blocks, fired bricks and tiles;
  • The West and Far North stones will facilitate the development of ashlar constructions;
    • The Bomkoul clay deposit in Douala will facilitate the development of fired bricks

En somme, en termes de perspectives de développement à moyen et long termes, les actions de la MIPROMALO porteront pour les prochaines années notamment sur :

  • la contribution à la production locale du clinker qui est la principale matière première du ciment portland ;
  • le développement des alternatives au ciment portland par la mise en place des unités pilotes de production des ciments alternatifs à base de Métakaolin ;
  • la mise en place des unités pilotes de production des géopolymères qui sont une forme de valorisation des latérites du Cameroun aussi bien pour la construction routière que pour le bâtiment. Ces géopolymères développés par la MIPROMALO, offrent en effet de meilleures caractéristiques comparés à la plupart des bétons.

 Les projets suscités étant matures pour la plupart, il s’agira pour la MIPROMALO de densifier la recherche des investissements y afférents et de finaliser avec la signature des conventions en cours de négociation.



Identification, characterisation and valorisation of raw materials

 Identification of raw materials and formulation of materials for use in construction and other applications

Number of deposits identified, characterised and quantified; number of formulations developed

  • Identification and characterisation of raw materials
  • Valorisation of raw materials


Development of appropriate technologies for efficient use of construction materials

 Development of technologies for local building materials

Number of technology packages developed

  • Studies and research in the field of civil engineering, architecture and environment
  • Studies and research in the field of industrial engineering


Dissemination, training and technology transfer

Dissemination of research results on local materials

Number of research results disseminated

  • Dissemination of technologies in the field of local building materials
  • Studies and execution of third party projects
  • Training on local building material technologies


Governance and institutional support to the local material sub-sector


Improving the coordination, functioning and performance of the local material sub-sector

Implementation rate of of MIPROMALO action plan

  • Coordination and supervision of  MIPROMALO's activities
  • Improving working conditions and environment
  • Intensification of communication operations and intensification of cooperation at MIPROMALO
  • Support to the research sub-sector as concerns local and innovative materials

Multiform partnerships

Create synergy and complementarity of actions with institutions in various sectors

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